The River’s Wrath Saga

The River’s Wrath Saga is my newest project, which I’ll be releasing chapter by chapter on Royal Road.
Check it out here: God of Fear: The River’s Wrath Saga


The River decides who lives and who dies.

Amos is the son of the Elder of Brokenwing Hill, a simple farming village on the hillside banks of the River, far removed from the concerns of Kherisai’s great cities. But Amos has a secret: Amos is Takarheta cultivator who converts the mystical waters of the River into takarwhich he can use to increase his luck and get his way more often than not. But when a noble representative of Scepter Djra arrives from the upriver city of Emso to decide if his village will receive much-needed funding to improve their irrigation system, Amos’s ability as Takarhet will be put to the greatest test, and he might just find himself wrapped up in cosmically dark events prophesied of in ages past when the God of Fear last made himself known upon the face of the earth. 

The River decides who lives and who dies, but Amos will have to decide if saving his people is worth losing his soul.